FlexPod Management Solution for Automation and Orchestration

Reduce deployment time and risk, increase data center efficiencies and create a flexible IT environment as you transition to the Cloud with CA Automation Suite for Data Center provisioning for FlexPod. This solution provides shared infrastructure with compelling out-of-the-box management functionality from CA Technologies that is typically achieved only through years of integration and development effort.

CA Automation Suite for Data Center provisioning for FlexPod is a unified management system that enables the orchestrated automation of Cisco UCS™server, NetApp FAS storage and Cisco Nexus® network provisioning that allows you to:

  • Attach storage in a single step as part of infrastructure provisioning. Execution in a single operational step enables greater agility and lowers operational costs
  • Provision physical and virtual storage as part of the standard workflow to enable control and automation of end-to-end service orchestration
  • Integrate best practices and dynamically allocate resources to help you realize quicker time-to-deployment and quicker time-to-value
  • Realize operational control to assure continuous availability and service quality for your customers' experience

Product/Solution Features

  • Dynamic service modeling
  • One step provisioning of services on FlexPod infrastructure
  • Integrated monitoring across physical and virtual infrastructure

Business Benefits

  • Increase business flexibility
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Improve customer experience