NetApp has deployed thousands of licenses for SnapManager, SnapVault, and SnapMirror products, yet customers are often faced with adding third-party data protection solutions in order to catalog across the tools, validate compliance or find files across their enterprise. Catalogic ECX Enterprise Catalog adds this functionality and more. For the most cost-effective data protection solution for a disk to disk NetApp infrastructure, add Catalogic ECX to your ONTAP environment.

Maximize NetApp Snapshot, SnapVault, SnapMirror and SnapManager Investments with ECX Enterprise Catalog…

… And you don’t have to change or replace a thing!

Users of NetApp Snapshots, SnapVault, SnapMirror and SnapManager products already realize the benefit of these array-based tools in providing fast, efficient data protection. With the proliferation of such tools, the need for a catalog has never been more critical. Catalogic ECX fully complements ONTAP tools to provide the most comprehensive data management capabilities for NetApp storage.

In less than 15 minutes, ECX can start ingesting all snapshots across your enterprise and even files inside those snapshots. No need to change anything with your existing NetApp systems.  ECX provides a centralized database, which unlocks unprecedented insight into your data and provides additional functionality for data management.  Perform quick file searches across your NetApp enterprise to locate and restore files regardless of which Snap Product was used to create them and regardless of where the file shares are located.  Monitor compliance across your snapshot suite and easily identify relationships between your snapshots using a report  that lists all versions of a file.  Validate compliance of your data protection policies or disaster recovery implementation by tracking the state of your SnapMirror and SnapVault relationships.

Product/Solution Features

  • Provides global visibility of the NetApp environment
  • Monitors data protection compliance
  • Provides powerful reporting
  • Catalog all popular NetApp protection tools (Snapshot/SnapVault/ SnapMirror/SnapManagers/OSSV/NSB)
  • Find and recover files within minutes through the powerful ECX search engine
  • Create custom reports and analytics that are specific to your business needs

Business Benefits

  • Significantly reduce data protection costs compared to traditional third-party backup solutions
  • Maximize the value of your investments in SnapManager/SnapVault/SnapMirror licenses
  • No need to rip and replace existing data protection solutions
  • Deploy in minutes using a self-contained virtual appliance


Patty Crowell

Region: United States/Canada

Prashant Jagannathan

Senior Solutions ArchitectRegion: United States/Canada