GridIron Systems accelerates big data with solutions designed for multi-terabyte databases such as Oracle and SQL Server. The GridIron TurboCharger™ is a SAN-attached appliance deployed transparently between database servers and storage that provides a high-performance access layer to significantly boost database performance without disruption to existing operations.

Business intelligence is driving deployment of data warehousing systems based on multi-terabyte databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. As dataset sizes grow, maintaining the analytic performance needed to effectively process them becomes more difficult. Rapidly changing workloads and increasingly concurrent access to datasets from multiple users and/or applications makes it challenging for traditional storage architectures to keep up with the complex I/O demands. Purpose-built database appliances may offer the necessary performance but can require expensive and disruptive forklift upgrades to deploy.

The GridIron TurboCharger provides a high-performance access layer between the servers and SAN storage that significantly boosts the performance of applications and databases with no changes to existing servers, storage, applications or processes. Enterprises realize the following benefits:

  • Top-line revenue growth from faster and more scalable business applications
  • Cost-effective scaling of the infrastructure to keep up with business growth
  • Improved user experience from sustained high performance under any workloads

Product/Solution Features

  • SAN-based architecture allows solution to be shared across multiple applications
  • Scalable architecture with custom silicon designed for high concurrent access
  • Trasparent write-through architecture with high availability clusters

Business Benefits

  • Save on database and application licensing costs
  • Accommodate high number of concurrent users or applications without compromising on performance
  • Avoid downtime or disruption associated with infrastructure and application