The Catalogic DPX™ solution extends NetApp ONTAP data protection into any primary storage or server environment to create a universal data protection and DR solution. By delivering rapid, low-impact backup and near instant recovery, DPX provides modern data protection for the data center, remote office or Cloud.

Catalogic delivers powerful integration with NetApp storage by allowing any server, physical or virtual, to be backed up to a NetApp FAS to take advantage of NetApp efficiencies in storage and recovery.  Any primary storage SAN is supported, and DPX can also protect direct-attached storage and boot disks.

DPX eliminates backup window challenges by reducing backup time and impact by 90% or more, reducing server backups from hours to minutes.  Backups are stored as space efficient NetApp snapshots.

For recovery, DPX uses NetApp FlexClone technology to restore any size data volume in minutes. DPX complements NetApp by adding numerous features to enhance operations, including a searchable file catalog, easy wizard-driven recovery workflows, application integration with item level recovery, Bare Metal Restore from any backup, and industry leading integration with VMware to recover any backup as a VM in only minutes.

DPX drives down operational costs because backup Admins do not need to be NetApp storage specialists. All operations are driven through the DPX console. Extremely high backup success rates dramatically reduce the amount of troubleshooting typically required in backup environments.

To complete the solution, DPX unifies backup and DR with NetApp SnapMirror replication technology. Multi-vendor primary data is consolidated onto a NetApp FAS appliance by local backup and then replicated to another FAS unit for off-site or cloud-based DR storage. Remote and branch office sites can also be protected. By unifying backup and DR, DPX further drives down costs, increases efficiencies and helps ensure organization recovery goals are achievable.

Product/Solution Features

  • DPX Makes Data Protection Intelligent
  • Making Use of Snapshots for Rapid Recovery
  • Rapid and Low Impact Data Backup
  • Ease of Use

Business Benefits

  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Fastest Backup and Recovery
  • Broadest Use Cases Eliminate Point Products
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Who is Catalogic Software

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