FlashSoft server-side caching software extends the value of NetApp Virtual Storage Tiering to deliver the performance necessary to virtualize mission critical applications and increase virtual machine density without disruption to existing data management and data protection schemes.FlashSoft removes I/O constraints thus bringing server and storage spending levels back into balance.

FlashSoft enables a solid-state storage device (SSD) installed in the server to function as a cache for VMs' frequently accessed data. By offloading read operations from primary storage to satisfy these requests from SSD in the server, FlashSoft minimizes I/O latency between server and storage and directs the performance and low latency of solid-state memory to the virtual machines and applications that most need it. This helps primary storage systems run faster and more efficiently. More importantly, it allows IT departments to scale storage performance separate from storage capacity - and redirect storage dollars to essential business capabilities. Working with NetApp data management and data protection solutions, FlashSoft may be deployed without disruption to existing storage infrastructure and policies.

As FlashSoft relieves I/O constraints, server CPU and memory utilization increase, and the organization begins to realize the value of its investment in high-end servers. Applications IT had been reluctant to virtualize can now be run in VMs since I/O constraints are removed. Applications already implemented in virtual machines can be consolidated on a smaller number of physical servers, improving data center capex and opex. With virtualized application performance and VM density targets achieved, overall performance aligns with ROI expectations.

Integrated with VMware vSphere, the FlashSoft caching engine runs as a kernel level module within the hypervisor. No agent software is required in the VMs, guest operating systems supported by VMware can be run in the VM. Advanced VMware features such as vMotion, DRS, HA, SRM, etc. are all supported.

Product/Solution Features

  • Enables server flash to be used as storage cache
  • No agent in the guest/virtual machine
  • Support for any guest OS

Business Benefits

  • Virtualize mission-critical applications with confidence
  • Deploy server-side caching without disrupting data management and protection policies
  • Bring server and storage spending for virtualization back into balance
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