HotLink integrates VMware vCenter management, NetApp Private Storage for AWS, low-cost computing of Amazon EC2, high speed AWS Direct Connect, and seamless workload conversion for easy and cost-effective, hybrid on- and off- premises use cases including disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud bursting for peak load, and development and test.

HotLink enables VMware data centers to seamlessly leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) in conjunction with on-premises VMware management for a unified solution that works out of the box. When combined with NetApp, the joint solution integrates market-leading VMware vCenter management, enterprise-proven NetApp Private Storage for AWS, pay-as-you-go computing of Amazon EC2, and high speed of AWS Direct Connect. The result is a fully integrated, high-performance hybrid IT computing, storage, and management infrastructure for VMware environments with a TCO second to none including:

  • Integration of VMware management, AWS, and NetApp storage
  • Portability of workloads between VMware and AWS
  • Full control of data in a hybrid environment
  • Leverages AWS computing for high-performance applications
  • Easy-to-implement, intuitive-to-operate hybrid IT solution

Whether the application is disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud bursting, or development and testing, the holistic solution delivered by HotLink and NetApp provides the highest performance, cost effective hybrid infrastructure available.

Product/Solution Features

  • VMware vCenter management plug-in
  • AWS interoperability and workload conversions
  • Low-latency data transfer

Business Benefits

  • Easy to deploy and holistic hybrid solution for VMware data centers
  • Intuitive to use and fully integrated into VMware vCenter management
  • Low cost and high performance