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A survey of Enterprise End Users conducted by the Linux Foundation states: "Linux dominates when moving to the cloud, with 70% using Linux as their primary cloud platform" and according to Piper Jaffrey, Red Hat is the #1 vendor gaining marketshare.

In a matter of minutes, a simple KVM for a NetApp® environment can be set up and tested. A more complex production KVM for a NetApp infrastructure can be planned and deployed in a few short weeks. The graphical tools enable newcomers to quickly grasp the concepts, and the command-line tools are very easily integrated into automation, management, and monitoring applications and tools. From a storage and data efficiency standpoint, NetApp FAS controllers offer a unified, flexible approach to storage. The ability to deliver NFS, iSCSI, and FCP to multiple KVM environments simultaneously means that the storage scales nondisruptively with the KVM environment. Multiple KVM environments with different storage needs can be supported from the same NetApp FAS controller.


  • Enhanced data protection
  • Lowering costs while maintaining high level performance with enhanced security
  • Confidence in open source software leader with industry leading storage provider
  • Lower TCO for platform and virtualization capabilities





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