Splunk is an engine for machine data. It collects, indexes and harnesses live data from virtually any source, format or location: applications, app/web servers, databases, networks, VM, hypervisors, OS, without custom parsers, adapters or a database on the backend, turning silos of data into integrated, actionable information and operational insights.

Splunk Enterprise is a highly versatile and scalable data engine for the machine data generated by your IT infrastructure. It collects, indexes and harnesses live data generated from virtually any source, format or location including your packaged and custom applications, app servers, web servers, databases, networks, VMs, hypervisors, OS and more -- without requiring custom parsers, adapters or a database on the backend. Proactively monitor key service levels to detect anomalies and prevent problems in real time, with instant drilldown into granular data without needing to access individual servers or devices.

Gain operational visibility into layers of your IT environment to turn silos of machine data generated in your datacenter into integrated and actionable information. Reduce your MTTI and MTTR and keep your critical services running. Find and fix problems faster than ever before. Provide the service desk with secure views into your data so they can diagnose and resolve issues.


Product/Solution Features

  • Analyze real-time data feed of consumer and operational activity
  • Track processes across applications to resolve problems
  • Correlate events from myriad data sources

Business Benefits

  • Resolve Problems Faster
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Correlate Events Across All Layers of Your Infrastructure
  • Reduce Costs of Providing IT Services


Vladimir Kanevsky

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David Strebel

Solutions ArchitectRegion: United States/Canada