Today, enterprises face more storage-related challenges than ever before. Meanwhile, storage has become increasingly complex within the data center. For most enterprises, storage has gone from being an issue that only concerns the IT infrastructure group to an issue that concerns senior management throughout the organization. A number of reasons contributed to the escalation of the importance of storage, including consolidation of technology resources, cost reduction, compliance with new regulatory legislation, and the ever-present nature of today's 24x7 customer application model. As storage demands continue to grow, IT organizations are being asked to do more with less.

Fortunately, NetApp and Symantec are committed to meeting this challenge with a variety of elegant, cost-effective solutions to these problems. The tight integration between NetApp® storage solutions and Symantec™ world-class software solutions enables enterprises to get the best solutions for consolidation of disparate resources, data recovery and availability, and management. When used together, the solutions from the two companies provide unique capabilities not available with any other product set. By leveraging the strengths of NetApp and Symantec, enterprises gain the ability to solve the most difficult storage problems with simplicity.


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