Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud delivers highly secure, on-demand, automated IT operations for cloud computing with policy-based controls for provisioning virtual and physical resources. Designed to take organizations beyond IaaS, Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud complements Cisco UCS Director by providing cloud-based service deployments on top of the FlexPod architecture.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud can cover diverse cloud deployments that scale from test and development to production workloads, from initial cloud pilots to large-scale enterprise-wide initiatives to deliver maximum value to customers.

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Key Features:

  • Self-service catalog of standardized services
  • Automated orchestration and lifecycle management
  • Multi-cloud capabilities to provision, orchestrate and manage OpenStack, VMware vCloud Director and Amazon EC2
  • Cloud accelerators to speed implementation of best practices and time-to-value for new technologies
  • Multi-tier application blueprints utilizing TOSCA, Chef, and Puppet coming September 2013
  • Integration with Cisco UCS Director coming September 2013
  • Virtual data centers that deliver shared or dedicated resource pools for project teams departments or entire organizations
  • Cloud Sync to keep the cloud administrator in control of resources available for provisioning
  • Service Remediation for fast identification and remediation of workflow complications
  • Multi-Cloud solution accelerator to manage Amazon EC2, VMware vCloud Director and OpenStack


Business Benefits:

  • Delivers speed, flexibility and agility for today's dynamic data centers
  • Allows IT to focus on competitive innovative services
  • Enables the transition from virtualization to transparent end-to-end service delivery


Product/Solution Features

  • Easy-to-use portal and standardized menu of services
  • Multi-cloud capabilities to match application needs with hypervisor layer
  • Scalable from single virtual machines to large-scale multiple virtual data centers
  • Cloud Synch discovery allowing IT to configure resources that are available for consumption by end-u

Business Benefits

  • Extensible self-service portal for enterprise and service providers
  • Multiple role-based access levels designed for end-user and cloud administrators
  • Advanced cloud management features required by today's transformational data centers
  • Allows IT to more closely respond to 24x7 business needs


Jim Kao

Intelligent Automation – Technology PartnersRegion: United States/Canada
(510) 396-0837Email Jim

Chris Singletary

Sales, Americas Region: United States/Canada
(404) 273 – 8081Email Chris

Chris Singletary

Sales, Americas Region: United States/Canada
(404) 273 – 8081 Email Chris

Stefano Testa

Sales, EMEARegion: EMEA
+34 93 393 4043Email Stefano

Stefano Testa

Sales, EMEARegion: EMEA
+34 93 393 4043 Email Stefano